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Shreveport - Bossier City LA

Devereux Appraisal Co., LLC

Devereux Appraisal Co., LLC has been in business for over 35 years, accumulating over 125,000 floor plans and subdivision data which are all digitally accessible through our custom database engine. We closely track all residential transactions daily via a multitude of local governmental subscriptions and analyze current market trends as well. Finding comparable sales, whether it be new home starts, FSBO’s or family transfers, is a particular strength of ours. We can verify these transactions via our data vast sources.
More often than not, homes that are listed for a specific size are actually only square footage estimates that come from a property owners’ "guesstimate" or the tax assessor records (which are not guaranteed per local tax assessor). Assessment records are so frequently incorrect that it's possible for a property to change hands several times with unreimbursed square footage still on the table. We filter out these discrepancies from factual data using our database. More importantly, we work closely with our peers; the majority of the group holds the same SRA Designation, and we keep up to date on local market trends and issues.

Justin D. Smith, SRA

Justin D. Smith, SRA is the first SRA designate awarded in the Shreveport - Bossier area in the past 20 years. His partner is also an SRA. What sets Devereux Appraisal Co. LLC apart is the company's expertise and track record (founded by Justin's father, they've been in the industry since 1975). With the vast custom Devereux Appraisal Co. LLC data base, we track sales daily with a multitude of public data sources. This database was started over 30 years ago and comprises over 125,000 floorplans. This gives Devereux Appraisal Co., LLC superb market trends expertise. With a scientific approach to accurate reports market trends that the local MLS cant provide (actual days on market, absorption rates, etc., our subdivison analysis is a major strength, since we have resources to track the lot, FSBO (forsale by owner), and newly constructed homes that aren't even in MLS. All of this means a more accurate, more broadly supported, and more documented and professional opinion of value.

At Devereux Appraisal Co., LLC, we believe the difference should be obvious from the start. Use our fast contact form or call or e-mail us for fast disposition of your Shreveport and Bossier City area appraisal needs.